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2017/18 Travel Team Coaching Staff

09/26/2017, 4:30pm EDT
By CYA Soccer

Complete Coaching List Available

The 2017/18 Travel Tryouts have concluded, but we may still looking for players in some age groups. If you are interested and would like to attend a practice to be evaluated please contact the Purple coach in the age group of your child.

All coach information is listed below along with the team name, birth year and age group.

Each CYA coach brings years of experience bringing something unique to their team, while all working together from the same training curriculum and development structure.

Boys 2017-2018 Travel Teams

Birth Year
Age Group
09B Purple 2009 U9 Mike Dinuzzo
09B Gold 2009 U9 Hamel Yousefi
09B Black 2009 U9 Sean Fitzpatrick
08B Purple 2008 U10 Mike Dinuzzo
08B Gold 2008 U10 Abdul Mohsini
08B Black 2008 U10 Sergio Retamal
07B Purple 2007 U11 Royce Brodie
07B Gold 2007 U11 Ivan Stevanovic
07B Black 2007 U11 Abdul Mohsini
06B Purple 2006 U12 Sofiane Allaouat
06B Gold 2006 U12 Carlos Alarcon
06B Black 2006 U12 Sean Fitzpatrick
05B Purple 2005 U13 Neal Rei
05B Gold 2005 U13 Sofiane Allaouat
05B Black 2005 U13 Sergio Retamal
04B Purple 2004 U14 Neal Rei
04B Gold 2004 U14 Carlos Alarcon
04B Black 2004 U14 Nicu Titei
03B Purple 2003 U15 Royce Brodie
03B Gold 2003 U15 Royce Brodie
03B Black 2003 U15 Trey Messiah
02B Purple 2002 U16 Nazir Amin
02B Gold 2002 U16 Ionel Canvra
02B Black 2002 U16 Carlos Alarcon
01B Purple 2001 U17 Ionel Canvra
01B Gold 2001 U17 Vincent Vergamini
00B Purple 2000 U18 Ivan Stevanovic
00B Gold 2000 U18 Sofiane Allaouat
99B Purple 1999 U19 Ivan Stevanovic
99B Gold 1999 U19 Hugo Ballivian
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Girls 2017-2018 Travel Teams

Birth Year
Age Group
09G Purple 2009 U9 Elise Fasick
09G Gold 2009 U9 Jane Dawber
09G Black 2009 U9 Jose Marquez-Gomez
08G Purple 2008 U10 Jane Dawber
08G Gold 2008 U10 Elise Fasick
07G Gold 2007 U11 Jazmin Cardoso
07G Black 2007 U11 Nikola Pearson
06G Purple 2006 U12 Vincent Vergamini
06G Gold 2006 U12 Nikola Pearson
06G Black 2006 U12 Jesse Vela
05G Purple 2005 U13 Cory Fick
05G Gold 2005 U13 Trey Messiah
05G Black 2005 U13 Hamel Yousefi
04G Purple 2004 U14 Dan Ayoub
04G Gold 2004 U14 Jazmin Cardoso
04G Black 2004 U14 Nicu Titei
03G Purple 2003 U15 Dylan Sutherland
02G Purple 2002 U16 Kasey Davenport
02G Gold 2002 U16 Cory Fick
01G Purple 2001 U17 Kasey Davenport
00G Purple 2000 U18 Vincent Vergamini


Field Information

  • WOG - Word of Grace
    • 13832 Redskin Dr Herndon VA 20171
  • Sully Highlands
    • ‚Äč13808 Wall Rd Herndon VA 20171


  • How do I register for tryouts and what is the cost?
    • Tryouts are completely FREE to participate. All players are required to register for travel tryouts through our registration database. This is necessary so everyone can be contacted with a decision. To register click the link at the top of this page.
  • How many tryouts do I need to attend?
    • Players are only required to attend one tryout session. However, it is recommended they attend as many as possible to be properly evaluated.
  • Can I bring a friend from outside CYA?
    • Absolutely! If you know of someone who is interested in Travel soccer, please share the schedule information with them and have them register for tryouts.
  • How teams selected and what are the levels?
    • The CYA Soccer coaching staff will work together to evaluate each player in detail to ensure that we assign them to the team that best fits his/her needs. Our goal is to place each player on a team that will be the best atmosphere for them to develop. Teams levels include: Purple, Gold, Black, and White. Additional team levels are added as needed. Players are evaluated based on their Technical Ability, Conceptual knowledge, Speed and Personality.
  • How are decisions communicated?
    • Each player will be notified of a decision at the conclusion of tryouts. Some invitations may go out earlier than others, but each participant will receive an email notifying them of the tryout results. Our goal is to notify all the players that attended tryouts no later than 72h after the last tryout session.
  • What’s the biggest tip for players?
    • Have fun! Players should just go out and play the game they all love and know how to play. There’s no need to be nervous or worry about the “tryout.” Every player should look at this as just any other day out playing soccer with their friends.
  • What leagues do CYA teams play in?
    • CYA Soccer travel teams compete in the following leagues depending on their level: Virginia NPL (NPL), Region 1 Champions League,  National Capital Area Soccer League (NCSL),  or Old Dominion Soccer League (ODSL).
  • What is the commitment (time and travel)?
    • CYA Travel Soccer teams train year round with either two or three practices a week as well as games on the weekend. Teams also typically play in 4 to 6 tournaments a year. Games and tournaments are usually played locally in the Northern Virginia/DC metro area. Some teams do travel further for non-local tournaments.
  • When does the season start for my team?
    • Pre-season training begins in mid-August with tournaments and games starting at the end of the month.

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