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Parents Code of Conduct

Parent COC

Thank you for choosing CYA for your athlete(s) this competitive season.  It is essential that family members understand and respect these guidelines. 

CYA Families Understand:

  • That everyone involved in the process of developing young athletes has the same goal in mind: constant improvement and development.

  • There is so much more to athletics than winning alone.Remember that these are inherent values in athletics in times of defeat.

  • That there will be moments of frustration and disappointment.Help your players use these moments to reinforce the learning and skills each moment.

  • That they need to be supportive and understand rather than expressing criticism of players, parents, or officials.

  • That they need to be encouraging and help grow individual accountability.

  • The need to make sure your player is ready to play, with necessary equipment, a pumped up ball and plenty of water.

  • The need to make arrangements for your player to be dropped off and picked up on time.

CYA Parents Guidelines for Competition:

  • Whenever possible, communication needs to come from the player.Self-advocacy is an essential skill that we hope to foster.

  • Do not coach from the sideline.It is important that the only tactical voice heard is coming from the coaching staff.

  • Please do not criticize anyone in front of your athlete.This will undermine and impact important relationships.

  • If you have a concern and wish to discuss it with your coach please allow 24 hours before expressing those concerns.It is never appropriate to approach a coach, either electronically or face to face, in an emotional state.

Those who violate this Agreement and Code of Conduct are subject to immediate dismissal from any soccer event and disciplinary action up to and including expulsion from the Chantilly Youth Association.