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Player COC

Welcome to the 2020-2021 CYA competitive year!  We are looking forward to a great year, which will involve great successes, marked improvement, and we hope, lots of moments that will become lasting memories.  As we begin this year, we believe that it is essential to establish certain expectations and to ensure that each member of our community is aware of these expectations.  To begin this process, please review the following information, which details CYA’s expectations for players and family members. 

Soccer is first and foremost a player’s game. No participant (coach, team official, league official, game official, parent, or spectator) has the same level of influence on the game or the soccer community, as players do. Players are the principal authors not only of each game’s outcome, but also of our club’s overall playing environment.

The following code of conduct outlines a philosophy that is paramount to youth soccer.  CYA Soccer players shall always act in the most ethical and upstanding manner.  Profane or abusive language is not acceptable and will not be tolerated.  You represent not only yourself and your family but also CYA - your conduct is a reflection on our club.

These expectations of Player behavior will be enforced:

CYA Core Values:

  • I will strive to play my best at all times.

  • I will work to improve during each and every training session and game.

  • I will be respectful of my teammates, coaches, the officials, my opponents, and parents at all times.

  • I will win graciously and respectfully or lose knowing that there is always more to learn.

CYA Athletes Understand:

  • In order to improve it is necessary to train and play my best during every opportunity given to play.

  • My coach understands and develops all CYA athletes on my team with a player-centered approach to practices and games.My coach is always trying to help me improve and it is important that I listen to him/her and respectfully do as he or she asks.

  • Winning is fun and I will strive to do it whenever I play, but I know that winning the right way, demonstrating good sportsmanship, is as important as the result.

  • Losing is part of competition. For every game, I will work to win and have fun, but if the outcome does not go my way, I will view it as a learning opportunity.

  • I will support my teammates unconditionally.

  • I am accountable for my actions.