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Covid-19 Financial Policy

  • NO PLAY - NO PAY. Payments will NOT be collected if there isn't a Fall Season
  • LIMITED PLAY - LIMITED PAY. If on field for training is available, but there aren't games, fees will be significantly reduced to reflect what is being offered. 

We want everyone to be confident that we as an organizartion have the absolute best interest of our families in mind, and our finanical policy is meant to provide peace of mind that you will not be charged more than what is being offered. In the unfortunate event we do not play soccer at all this fall, you will not be charged anything. The $200 commit fee is subject to a refund as well, but the commit fee is used to pay for leagues, player cards, and other upfront expenses listed below. We will do our best to battle these organization for refunds in the event we make a payment to them on behalf of our players/teams so that we can refund those fees to our members as well.


Upfront expenses CYA pays on behalf of the players: 15% - 20% of Total Yearly Budget


“Upfront” expenses are what we are required to pay on behalf of your player to leagues and other organizations before the start of both the Fall and Spring seasons. These fees historically are unable to be recovered, and any reduction to monthly fees based on what is being offered cannot include the following “upfront” expenses:


NCSL Fall League Fee

If no refund provided by NCSL to CYA this fee cannot be recouped

NPL League Yearly Fee

If no refund provided by NPL to CYA this fee cannot be recouped

Tournaments Paid for to Date

If no refund provided by tournaments to CYA then this fee cannot be recouped

VYSA Player Card Passes

If no refund provided by VYSA to CYA this fee cannot be recouped

US Club Soccer Player Passes

If no refund provided by US Club to CYA this fee cannot be recouped

Fairfax County In-and-Out of County User-Fee (for field allocations)

If no refund provided by the county this fee cannot be recouped

CYA Registration Fee

This fee is what is paid to CYA that goes towards the CYA General Budget, and goes towards Capital Improvement Projects and is allocated early in the year making it unable to be recouped

Referee Fees

If no refund provided by the leagues/referee assignor this fee cannot be recouped


Paid to Date Expenses


Paid to date expenses are fees that are not due upfront but are recurring costs we incur bi-weekly/monthly that cannot be recouped once paid. In the event we have restricted play imposed on use after a month/couple of months the percentage of what has been paid to date cannot be refunded since they cannot be recouped. An example of this would payroll & payroll expenses (taxes).


Of the “upfront” expenses listed above $15%-17% of the $2400 Travel Player Fee will most likely not be subject to a potential installment payment reduction, unless we (CYA) receive refunds from those leagues or organizations.  

Below is an EXAMPLE of what the monthly installment payments could look like if there are intermittent interruptions to what we are able to offer (based on league and government guidelines/restrictions).


Assumes return to play as a regular fall season schedule in August. Regular monthly payments will be applied starting September 1st, with the commit fee due August 15th. This assumes players have resumed competitive games and at least a 2x/week on-the-field training schedule.


Sept. 1

Oct. 1

Nov. 1

Dec. 1

Jan. 1

Feb. 1

Commit Fee

Phase III - IV

Phase III - IV

Phase II

Phase III – IV

Phase I

Phase II


Regular Fee

Regular Fee

25% - 50% Reduction of Monthly Fee

Regular Fee

75% - 100%

Reduction of Monthly Fee

25% - 50%

Reduction of Monthly Fee


- For more information on what we are able to do as it relates to play based on the various phases see link below -

Return-to-Play Guidelines




What determines where we fall on the range between percentages of monthly installments?

This will be based on “upfront” and “paid to date” expenses, and also how much program we are able to offer.


How do the “paid to date” expenses play into the monthly installment payments if a reduction needs to be made?

An example of this is if we are forced to reduce/limit what our program offers, depending on where we are in the month, and those paid to date expenses (such as payroll, payroll taxes, benefits, etc.) that will determine what can be reduced in relation to paid to date expenses.


What cannot be included in monthly installment payment reductions, and why?

Upfront expenses as stated above, and also paid to date expenses also stated above. Historically we are not able to recoup money paid for upfront expenses, and we are not able to recoup payroll and payroll expenses, etc.


What happens if we pay through February and the spring gets cancelled?

In the event we have a normal fall and winter season, and everyone is paid in full by February 1st, and then we are forced to cancel the spring, depending on when spring upfront costs are due those are subject to be refunded and also payroll and payroll expenses for our staff will be subject to a refund directly to the members.


What happens if my son/daughter or a direct family member contracts covid-19 as it relates to monthly installments?

Once it is verified that a player or direct family member (someone living in the same household as the player) has been diagnosed with Covid-19 the amount of time that the player is absent will be reflected in a prorated amount on the following monthly installment fee.


What happens if a teammate/coach of my child is diagnosed Covid-19?

In the event that a coach or teammate of your child gets Covid-19 you will be notified that your child has been exposed and then a 14-day quarantine and negative test will be required before returning to play. The amount of time that the player is absent will be reflected in a prorated amount on the following monthly installment fee. Any games that are missed by the entire team will either be scheduled for a future date or cancelled (we are waiting on guidance from the league on this potentiality).


Can CYA recoup money paid out upfront to get the season going?

Historically once these fees are paid, CYA cannot recoup them.