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Working in a true Academy Club structure, CYA Soccer uses a comprehensive training program with emphasis on all stages of player development. By using this model, CYA ensures the continued development of each of our players, monitored by the Technical Director as well as the Director of Coaching. By using the unique CYA Soccer Curriculum, each player is guaranteed the same developmental pathway. The CYA Soccer curriculum uses the US Soccer curriculum as a model, with modifications focused on the implementation of the “Integral Education” methodology. This consistent training curriculum across all Travel teams provides clear objectives and content for each developmental phase from the youngest age groups, all the way up to the doors of college and professional soccer. It is the goal of the CYA Soccer curriculum to create a unique learning environment for all CYA players and coaches.

Our “Integral Education” methodology provides a five-pillar model for complete training for CYA players. In this unique methodology, CYA Travel players are given access to: Technical Training, Tactical Training, Physical Training, Psychological Training, and Ethic/Habits Education in each of their Training Sessions. CYA Travel teams train using a 10 month calendar to ensure that player development stays at a high level year round. Players use the established developmental ratio of three practices a week to one game.

CYA Soccer has the privilege of premier access to the largest number of lighted turf fields in the Chantilly area, allowing for training year round in all weather conditions. Recent renovations to two of our training facilities have only increased the overall level of our fields.