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Representing the club on the sidelines in an appropriate, sportsmanlike, and cordial manner is crucial to all of us at VIRGINIA VALOR FC. Our coaches are held to high standards and the club expects a high level of decorum and professionalism when they are coaching from the sidelines. In similar fashion, our parent groups are on the frontline for our club and, by their excellent behavior, can be our strongest advocates when watching our teams play. 


Conversely, poor sideline behavior can be very damaging to our club and present us in such a poor light – and it only takes one instance of mindlessness or disrespect to taint the entire club. To ensure we do not fall foul of this we have put together a comprehensive guideline for what is expected from our parents on game-day.


Below is our Code of Conduct, guidelines for acceptable and productive sideline behavior that our club and our players can be proud of:


  1. During matches ALL VIRGINIA VALOR FC parents/guardians are to stand on the opposite side of the field to our coaching staff, where appropriate, and to remain in an area away from the sideline and within the confines of each goal-box.

  2. Disparaging comments to referees and opposing parents/guardians are strongly discouraged. Reports of abhorrent sideline behavior by VIRGINIA VALOR FC parents will be dealt with via disciplinary action against players and/or parents.

  3. At all times, VIRGINIA VALOR FC Parents/Guardians are asked to be respectful of other teams’ technical staff, respectful of all match facilities, aware of specific rules of each respective match facility, compliant with all regulations of host clubs and to put our club’s best foot forward at all times whenever we are guests of other youth soccer clubs.

  4. Players are to be delivered to the field or into the control of our VIRGINIA VALOR FC coaching staff at the discretion of each individual coach, normally arriving 45mins before kickoff, allowing VIRGINIA VALOR FC players to be ready at 30mins until kick off to begin technical and physical prep. Afterwards, we expect parents/guardians to respect the team or coach’s domain – allowing for sufficient distance from the team and trusting their child to the leadership, guidance and environment created by the VIRGINIA VALOR FC team’s coach.

  5. Prior to the game parents/guardians should provide VIRGINIA VALOR FC players with water bottles, an adequate supply of drinks and, if necessary, mid-game snacks. Coaches can be frustrated when players are distracted because they are waiting for drinks to be replenished or another water bottle delivered by parents during a halftime break.

  6. Once the game is underway, we ask that parents/guardians encourage, recognize, cheer and be supportive of ALL examples of good play – both for VIRGINIA VALOR FC players AND for our opponents. It would also be productive to offer support and positive reinforcement for those players who make mistakes.

  7. Parents/Guardians are asked to consider player development as the mitigating factor for everything that goes on during VIRGINIA VALOR FC matches – with results, number of goals scored or margin of victory/defeat less of an issue. Be supportive of good play, but do not encourage lopsided scores or cheer for high scoring, one-sided victories that do not contribute to player development.

  8. Parent/Guardians should not keep time on the number of minutes VIRGINIA VALOR FC players play in matches nor should they make comparisons to the playing time of other players. Coaches will award playing time at their discretion and often using criteria that is not always at hand for parents to consider.  

  9. In the event of a serious injury during a match, concerned parents/guardians are permitted onto the field of play only after match officials have stopped the game and called for the attention of a trainer. If the VIRGINIA VALOR FC coach has demonstrated the need for medical assistance or parent involvement, then parents are allowed to attend to players during the game. Otherwise, parent/guardians need to allow VIRGINIA VALOR FC coaches to deal with minor injuries and provide comfort for players within the team environment. Player safety is of paramount importance to VIRGINIA VALOR FC coaching staff.

  10. Irrespective of the score of the game, parent/guardians should applaud both teams at the end of the match and show great sportsmanship on behalf of our club. This should be undertaken as a matter of course. 

  11. Should any Parent/Guardian wish to speak to an VIRGINIA VALOR FC coach about a game-day matter that they consider to be important, it is recommended that they apply the ‘24 hour rule’: Allow for 24 hours to pass before reaching out to an VIRGINIA VALOR FC coach via email or phone to arrange a meeting time away from the field and removed from the emotions of the game to discuss the matter in more suitable circumstances.

  12. After games VIRGINIA VALOR FC Parent/Guardians should always remind players how much enjoyment they get from watching their children play. They should refrain from discussing match tactics, criticizing poor play (from their own child or other teammates), making comments about officiating decisions or displaying any form of negativity about the match day experience. Players are quick to pick up on the attitudes and opinions of their elders – be aware of the impression you are making on your children around sports.

  13. Parent/Guardians should encourage VIRGINIA VALOR FC players to watch the professional game on TV to discover some of the pointers made by VIRGINIA VALOR FC coaches or to make comparisons on topics that they are having difficulty understanding. Observing professional players is a great source for soccer education and often an affirmation that our coaches are on the right track.

  14. Parents/Guardians are asked to keep VIRGINIA VALOR FC coaches apprised of injuries, illnesses and or interactions between teammates or opponents that could have a negative impact on player performance.

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