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The most important part of the CYA Soccer Program is to keep the children safe. Sometimes it may seem that our efforts to keep kids safe are intrusive but please understand that we will NEVER compromise our efforts to ensure that kids have a safe and wholesome experience while competing in CYA Soccer.

The list below will be amended as necessary. Please review carefully.

KidSafe Background Checks

All CYA Soccer Volunteers MUST register with the CYA Kidsafe Background Check Program. CYA Soccer will not allow anyone to volunteer who has not completed the Kidsafe Background check and shows up on the CYA Kidsafe Background Check list as being "Approved". You can find the link to the CYA Background Check Program on the Home Page at


No Uniform Names

No team in CYA Soccer shall add players names (first and/or last) to any part of the players uniform. This includes the jersey, shorts and socks.


Photography & Video

Parents/friends may take pictures or videos of the games; however, the video may not be posted to any publicly accessible website if the pictures or video contains images of other players/referees/team officials. This restriction is made to protect the privacy of our children and our opponents children. Videos often have been edited to include children’s names, team names, and playing location. This type of information invites unwelcome attention.


Team Web Sites

All team Websites MUST be approved by the CYA Soccer Chairman prior to going "live". All references to specific children on a team website are strictly forbidden.

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