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Year Long Commitment


Parents recognize that the players and coaches commitment to Virginia Valor FC and to each other is for the soccer year, which are fall, winter and spring seasons. Refunds are not issued to players who leave during the year. 


Parents further agree that under league rules, our child may not to transfer to another ECNL regional club or ECNL national club within the seasonal year regardless of what league your child plays in: CCL, NCSL, or any other. An ECNL-R rostered player is ineligible to transfer to any other team affiliated with an ENL-R club within the same seasonal year except as follows: the player has moved to the geographical area of the new club and beyond reasonable travel distance of the old club AND both Directors agree to the transfer.


Parents agree that the year-long commitment is contingent upon state and local guidelines and orders regarding the playing of youth sports in light of the coronavirus. Parents agree that Virginia Valor FC may in its sole discretion suspend or cancel some or all of the fall or spring seasons due to the coronavirus. 


Financial Obligation


Parents agree and accept the financial terms outlined in Virginia Valor FC's travel player/parent commitment letter. Parents also consent to accept the actions taken by Virginia Valor FC to enforce the commitment letter. Parents agree to abide by Virginia Valor's Travel Commitment letter which can be found in your confirmation of registration email. 


Parents agree that upon acceptance of a position on a team, the initial deposit payment of $350 is a nonrefundable, non-transferable commitment fee to the Club. Parents further understand that their child's commitment to Virginia Valor FC is for the 2022-2023 soccer year. 


Should a family decide to leave the team for any reason before the end of June 2023, the parents agree that they are responsible for all Virginia Valor FC club fees for the full year and that these fees must be paid prior to the release being processed by the team or club.


Parents also agree that should their child decide to leave the team for any reason, they are still responsible for any monies owed to the team to cover all team fees including those for events which will occur after their child is released but which are budgeted prior to our release request. Parents also agree that if their child leaves the team, no monies paid, donated or fundraised will be refunded.

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